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I am an International school teacher working in a private school.

For many years I have wondered why there are so many free children's books online, but no free reading scheme. I decided it was time I fixed this. I have collected together around 2000 public domain children books and ordered them into both year groups and then also into monthly reading groups. The idea being a group of children can follow the scheme throughout the year.

The big idea is that children can read these books on a Kindle, e-book reader or ipad at home. I have made sure all the books I offer are both free and come originally from well respected publishers. 

The website is called

The colour scheme follows that of the rainbow.

Red - Year 1 books
Orange - Year 2 books
Yellow - Year 3 books
Green - Year 4 books
Blue - Year 5 books
Indigo - Year 6 books
Violet - Year 7 books

I am now really keen for everyone to use this site, to reignite a love to reading. Make reading more than just another phonics scheme (incidentally, the site also has a really great, free, complete phonics link too!).

Thank you for reading this. 

Peter Fogarty