New Shapes Worksheet

This worksheet on right angles includes rectangles, squares, a pentagon, a hexagon triangles, and a parallelogram.

New worksheet KS2 maths

I have just added a new KS2 worksheet.

I use the several times over a couple of weeks, the repetition seems to help. It is painful at first but, they get much faster after several attempts.

Clocks and Telling the Time

Just added a quick worksheet with some blank clocks, you can fill in the time required and make it different each time.

More coming soon.

new worksheet

Just added a simple times table worksheet with two, four, five and ten times table.


Brimham Rocks

Took the kids to Brimham Rocks today, and they squirmed and wiggled their way through a really long squeeze tube. Despite several attempts I failed to follow them (I am pretending I failed because I am too big, but really I was too damn scared!!).

For those with the Yorkshire Grit Bouldering Guide, it is marked on the Dolphin Roof Boulder at Hare heads.

For those without the guide, prepare for a long walk. Park in the main car park (pay and display). Walk parallel to the road until you get to some rocks. Go up to these rocks and keep walking away from civilisation, past several outcrops, until you get to the last set of rocks. The squeeze tube is on the last rock facing away from the road and is quite hard to find. Good Hunting, be careful and dont get stuck!!

Or, alternative route, Walk up to where they sell ice cream and the toilets. Continue along the path to the left side of the Shop/office building. Continue past the druids idol (strange rock balancing on a tiny plinth). Continue along the same path for 5 mins until it opens out and turns back right towards the car park. Then look to the horizon to spot the "Mushroom Throne", walk towards that, and turn right slightly to find the large rocks. If you get to the road, then you have gone too far.

See the red X on picture below (from google maps)

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I was thinking about some harder maths worksheets for 8-year olds?