KS1 Maths-Times Tables Worksheets


three times table

four times table

four times table in order

four and five times table jumping number line

five times table

Six and seven times table jumping number line

ten times table

KS1 English Worksheets

Listed above are a series of worksheets testing comprehension of common uk primary school books. The child should answer the question with a proper sentence starting with a capital letter and ending in a full stop. Try and include the question in the answer. For example

"Where were the children when Dad was painting the door?"

"The children were outside when Dad was painting the door"

Worksheets to download (free). Use right click, then "save as".

"The Hot Pepper Queen and the Mango Babies" by Julia Jarman and Sophie Allsopp.

wet paint (Oxford Reading Tree)

Lost In The Jungle (Oxford Reading Tree- Stage 7)

Mums New Car (Oxford Reading Tree- Stage 7)



Welcome to my new blog.

I have been frustrated when surfing the net looking for worksheets for KS1. There are loads of sites with free downloads, but the scope is very limited and you only get a few for free. You need to start getting your credit card out for the juicy bits.

So I have been making my own and as I do them I will be posting them here.

Hope you find them useful, if you see any errors please leave a comment.