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I have added a list of my worksheets above, so all can be found on one page.


even numbers worksheet

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another even number worksheet evennumbers.pdf

Launch of New Practical Biology for schools pages

Good quality, appropriate biology experiments and investigations can enhance learning and clarify aspects of theory. Practical activities are fun and motivating, and tend to be student-centred, allowing students to apply their knowledge and understanding of biology and How Science Works.

This website provides all teachers of biology with a wide range of experiments to illustrate concepts or processes, as starting-points for investigations and for enhancement activities such as club or open day events. It also enables the sharing of skills and experience of making experiments work in the classroom. There's lots of information for technicians too.

This is a new site, it appears a bit sparse at the moment, but hopefully things will be added.

New spelling worksheets

Its been a long time since my last post, sorry, I have been busy.

Here are two new worksheets practicing spelling some troublesome words.

These are suitable for 5-7 year olds, depending on ability.

spelling list

words starting with "kn"

How Did I Upload the Files/ make the PDFs


A few people have asked how I made the pdfs and uploaded them onto the internet to be downloaded. Well the good news is that its simple.

First I downloaded the free alternative to microsoft word which is openoffice, see link:

This allowed me to make the documents, and it has a button at the top which instantly converts the file to PDF format.

Then to upload them. Most internet service providers (ISPs) supply you with a small amount of webspace in the form of a personal webpage. But instead of html documents, it is possible to use an FTP program to upload PDFs to this webspace. I then link directly to these documents you see here.

The free FTP program I use is called FileZilla

Instructions for using this are included in the download, and further instructions to FTP are often found on your ISPs website. eg etc.

Hope that helps, any questions- fire away...

Story to practice capital letters

I have adapted the story of Medusa and Athena to be easier to understand for 4-6 year olds. I have used this to reinforce the usage of capital letters. I got my kids to circle all the capital letters and full stops.

From watching my kids this is my advice.

Watch they dont circle the commas, make sure they know why they are circling the letters, ask them "why does that word have a capital?"

Make sure they understand the concept of pride. The word "vain" is used towards the end, they are unlikely to know what this means. But dont worry.

Vain: hopeless, conceited, characteristic of false pride, having an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

I admit this is hard to explain to a six year old! But I left it in because some six years olds will get it.

Download the story here- medusa.pdf

Some children might find the pictures at the end scary, so dont print those if you are worried.


This teaches 2D shapes, including trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon and octagon.


This teaches 3D-shapes including cuboid, cube and sphere.


KS1 Science

These worksheets are a basic introduction to sciene. They encourage children to think about how things work and why things are like they are. All children seem to have a gift of imagination and inquisitive thought. They love asking apperently simple questions like why is sky blue? What is above the sky?. These are to encourage that type of thinking.

Life (ages 6+)

KS1 Maths-Times Tables Worksheets


three times table

four times table

four times table in order

four and five times table jumping number line

five times table

Six and seven times table jumping number line

ten times table

KS1 English Worksheets

Listed above are a series of worksheets testing comprehension of common uk primary school books. The child should answer the question with a proper sentence starting with a capital letter and ending in a full stop. Try and include the question in the answer. For example

"Where were the children when Dad was painting the door?"

"The children were outside when Dad was painting the door"

Worksheets to download (free). Use right click, then "save as".

"The Hot Pepper Queen and the Mango Babies" by Julia Jarman and Sophie Allsopp.

wet paint (Oxford Reading Tree)

Lost In The Jungle (Oxford Reading Tree- Stage 7)

Mums New Car (Oxford Reading Tree- Stage 7)



Welcome to my new blog.

I have been frustrated when surfing the net looking for worksheets for KS1. There are loads of sites with free downloads, but the scope is very limited and you only get a few for free. You need to start getting your credit card out for the juicy bits.

So I have been making my own and as I do them I will be posting them here.

Hope you find them useful, if you see any errors please leave a comment.