How Did I Upload the Files/ make the PDFs


A few people have asked how I made the pdfs and uploaded them onto the internet to be downloaded. Well the good news is that its simple.

First I downloaded the free alternative to microsoft word which is openoffice, see link:

This allowed me to make the documents, and it has a button at the top which instantly converts the file to PDF format.

Then to upload them. Most internet service providers (ISPs) supply you with a small amount of webspace in the form of a personal webpage. But instead of html documents, it is possible to use an FTP program to upload PDFs to this webspace. I then link directly to these documents you see here.

The free FTP program I use is called FileZilla

Instructions for using this are included in the download, and further instructions to FTP are often found on your ISPs website. eg etc.

Hope that helps, any questions- fire away...